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Testimonies in the West

Endorsements from Christian Leaders:

"I believe that every church would benefit by integrating the concepts of Conversational Evangelism into their existing evangelistic programs and strategies!" - Josh McDowell

"David Geisler's Conversational Evangelism model is a winsome and effective presentation of how skeptics perceive the Gospel and how we might help them discover its truth for themselves. While recognizing the vital role of the Holy Spirit in the process, he illustrates how asking probing questions and pointing out the inconsistencies between belief and behaviour till the ground—and is often the pre-evangelism necessary—to help remove long-entrenched barriers to the Gospel. I enthusiastically recommend David's pre-evangelism methodology and his work through Meekness and Truth Ministries.” - Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker

"I know of no other ministry who is doing a better job to equip the church in pre-evangelism resources. Conversational Evangelism is a vital tool in re-equipping the body of Christ in this new millennium to forward the Gospel in the unreached areas of the world." - Dr. Norman Geisler