Dear Friends of M&T,

Although our focus is directed at teaching Christians how to be more effective in pre-evangelism resources and lite apologetics, we realize that this focus is really incomplete. This type of equipping is really only one important step towards increasing one’s effectiveness in witnessing in today’s generation. That is why we place high value on more in-depth training in apologetic materials.

I know of no other apologist who has had a greater impact on the thinking process of so many Christians worldwide in the last two generations (through his books, as well as the writings of his key disciples) as my father, Dr. Norman Geisler. For that reason as well as many others, I highly recommend his resources to you as important tools for you in your spiritual formation and desire to be better equipped.

I trust that your life will be impacted, as much as mine has, by your exposure to all these good resources. I especially believe that your exposure to these resources will give you greater insights on the types of topics and issues that will be most effective in witnessing to your friends. I hope and pray that access to purchase these additional apologetic resources will be of great benefit to you for the cause of Christ.

In Him,
David N. Geisler

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