Statement of Faith



God: There is and will forever be only One true God, inseparable, almighty, all-knowing, good, eternally self-existing in three distinct Persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is loving, kind, merciful; righteous, holy; sovereign, just, and trustworthy.

Bible: Its sixty-six books are the inspired Word of God, originally without error and preserved reliably today.

Creation and Man: God both created and sustains all the universe for His glory. People will never be God, but all are made in God's image. Since the fall, we have a sinful nature.

Jesus: Born of the Virgin Mary, Christ is fully man and fully God. He came to die as the sacrifice for our sins, to completely save us. He was bodily raised from the dead. Jesus said, "no one comes to the Father except through me". Jesus Himself will physically, visibly return in glory in the Second Coming.

Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit brings people to God, lives in believers, and preserves us in Christ.

Eternal Destiny: Believers live in eternal joy with God. Unbelievers perish in conscious eternal anguish away from God.


Being Reborn: God has given all Christians new life. We are united in faith, repenting of our sins, and asked Jesus, our Lord and Savior, into our lives. We no longer live just for ourselves, but to please Him in all that we are, say, and do.

Being Indwelt: The Holy Spirit dwells in all believers, shows God's truth, and empowers us to do God's Will, overcoming sin.

Abiding in Him: We rely on God, with no merit of our own, for His free gift of salvation, and are assured of the Spirit's preserving and transforming work in all God's own. Though we still sin, we are redeemed and declared righteous by God. His Spirit is sanctifying us, to be glorified and live sinlessly with God in heaven.

Drawing Near in Faith: We seriously study and apply God's Word, and we help others and fellowship in a church. We share the gospel and disciple, and worship and pray. We live our lives in awe of God, enjoying fellowship with Him.

Worship and Prayer: We worship none except the Triune God. We do not engage in astrology or worship through graven images.


Loving God: In all things, true Christians strive to love our Lord with all that we are.

Living Pure: We strive to obey God's command to be holy and Christlike in everything. We turn from worldly passions, materialism, and selfish ambition. We give God our lives, money, and time.

Bible: We want to both live and learn the truths of the Bible as the complete and trustworthy authority Jesus and the Biblical writers taught them to be.

Loving Others: We are commanded to love one another. We want to be kind towards all, especially those in need. Rather than being proud, through God's strength we strive to regard others' needs as greater than our own. We do not want to hurt others through with gossip, slander, be a stumbling block, or a lack of love. We obey laws that do not conflict with God's laws.

Working Together: With other Christians, we obey the Great Commission and preach the Gospel, nurture, exhort, and encourage believers, oppose evil and guard against error. As Christ's body, we are ambassadors for Christ, to be salt and light in this world.