Free C.P.E. Materials

newmeeknessandtruthIn 2012 Dr. David Geisler was invited to teach over a period of time all the adult Sunday school classes at his home church, Carmel Baptist.

These five audios are a condensed version of that Conversational Pre-Evangelism training that was based on the book Conversational Evangelism that he co-authored with his father, Dr. Norman Geisler in 2009.

To download individual files, right click on the link and save to your local computer. Or, click here to download the entire series in an archived (.zip) package.

CPE Part 1 Powerpoint  Handout  Audio 
CPE Part 2 Powerpoint  Handout  Audio
CPE Part 3 Powerpoint  Handout  Audio
CPE Part 4 Powerpoint  Handout  Audio
CPE Part 5 Powerpoint  Handout  Audio
CPE Part 6  (Part 6 application exercise materials available in C.P.E. seminars.)
CPE Complete w/ Answers Handout

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