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Why you should help Meekness and Truth™ Ministries?

Meekness and Truth™ Ministries
Apologetics and Evangelism for the New Millennium

Dear Friends of Meekness and Truth™,
I probably do not need to tell you that Christians are having more difficulties today than ever before in reaching the lost in the U.S. This is especially true on college campuses. Jim Petersen, in his book "Living Proof," points out that the gap between those who are close to accepting Christ and those who are not, is getting wider and wider every year. Consequently, it is much more difficult to reach people in all walks of life from on college campuses to the neighbor next door.

At Meekness and Truth™, we believe that there is a great need to teach people how to do better pre-evangelism with not-yet Christians by applying the principles of "Conversational Evangelism" so that we may create an openness among them to consider the person of Christ in fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

How Can Meekness and Truth™ Help?
At Meekness and Truth we have two main goals. First, to equip Christian leaders and their members to effectively use "Conversational Evangelism" as a first step in reaching others for Christ. Conversational Evangelism is an easy to teach and easy to use process of using Christian evidences in evangelism in our postmodern culture.

Second, we also desire to make these materials available to thousands and even millions of people worldwide via the Internet. We believe that if Christians in general have easier access to materials that would be helpful in pre-evangelism, more people would be motivated to share their faith on a regular basis, since they have a evangelism paradigm that could open the doors to fruitful discussions about Christ, even among their postmodern friends.

As our brochure points out, we offer among other things:

  • Weekend Seminar Trainings
  • Lay Teacher's/Pastor's Seminars
  • Consulting for Christian Ministries

Testimonials About Our Training:

"I know of no other ministry who is doing a better job to equip the church in pre-evangelism resources. Conversational evangelism is a vital tool in re-equipping the body of Christ in this new millennium to forward the Gospel in the unreached areas of the world." - Dr. Norman Geisler

"The Conversational Evangelism model hits the mark! Similar to leading seeker small groups, this approach--asking relevant questions so seekers can discover biblical truths for themselves--is one of the most effective and powerful ways to reach out and help seekers cross the line of faith." -Garry Poole, evangelism director at Willow Creek Community Church and author of Seeker Small Groups

“Truth is best communicated in the realm of interpersonal relationships. And the best conduit for establishing relationships is the fine art of soul-searching conversation. As such, conversational evangelism and apologetics are vital tools for communicating the Gospel in a non-threatening, pre-evangelistic manner. This fresh pre-evangelism model by Rev David Geisler is excellent. It is seeker-sensitive, Word-centered and purpose-driven. It is designed to win a hearing from a conversation with pre-believers, much like what Jesus did when He engaged in conversational evangelism with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well (John 4).” - Rev. Edmund Chan, Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Singapore

Feedback Received from Crusade Staff in Singapore Who Attended Our Class:

"I realize that this apologetic method is a very powerful tool to help the advancement of the Gospel. I believe that this model is a crucial factor to my ministry in China." - Jonathan

"The whole process of adopting the conversational evangelism methodologies has revolutionized the way I do evangelism." - James

"My evangelistic skills have been improved as I learned and applied various insights into apologetic evangelism from you." - Casey

"It has been a major paradigm shift for me; not that I didn't listen to the people I witness to or I didn't try to understand them, its just that the conversation was never an important part. This model gives me a chance to reflect on my past experience of witnessing; it encourages me to be an active listener and equips me with the guidelines, steps, and really good questions to make constructive conversations with people. In the past, I wanted to help people to be one step closer to Jesus even when they showed no interest in hearing the gospel, yet I didn't know how: I felt quite powerless and speechless. Now, I have another weapon in my arsenal" - Catherine

"As a Campus Crusade staff, I am trained in using the four spiritual laws and some apologetic skills, but I have problems trying to integrate them during evangelism. When people indicate that they were not interested, I could only ask them for the reason and then invite them for an evangelistic bible study or share my personal testimony. This model helps me to go further by asking questions, identifying the barriers, and finding common ground in my conversations with non-believers." - Kathy

"Personally, the concept of Conversational Evangelism has changed my perspective towards evangelism. Understanding that evangelism is a process takes the pressure off from me, and reduces the tension to want to get through the booklet. Evangelism then becomes something that I am enjoying more and more." - Jeremy

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